Twas the Morning of the Finals

In honor of fantasy football championship weekend, I wrote a poem. Enjoy and good luck to all (except my opponents).

Twas the morning of the finals, and all through the house, 
Fantasy owners were stirring, benching that louse.

The lineups were set on the websites with care,
In hopes that a championship soon would be there.

Now Shady, now Wilson, now Keenan, now Gonzo!
On Knowshon, on Hauschka, on A.J. and Gio!

And I said to myself as I logged off the site,
Happy Championship Day to all and to all a good night!


Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch: A Visual Examination.

All otters are from The Daily Otter, for all your ottery Tumblr needs!

Better late than never sharing this wonderful creation. Thank you for this

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Some news…Washington Redskins/WOW! Survivor Spotlight Series

Hi all-

Just a quick note regarding some exciting news and a cool project I’m working on this month in conjunction with the Washington Redskins and the Women of Washington Redskins (WOW!).

As you are no doubt aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You’ve seen the pink ribbons, the pink cleats, the pink towels, the pink sweatbands on the football field this month. How about hearing some inspiring stories from breast cancer survivors off the field?

Starting this month, I’m writing a blog series spotlighting breast cancer survivors on This Breast Cancer Survivor Spotlight Series will share the inspiring stories of extraordinary women and special WOW members while continuing to raise breast cancer awareness and educate women about the importance of annual screenings.

I’ve already spoken to several of the women in preparation for the blog series and I can assure you that each one of their stories is unique, enlightening and inspiring. I’ve been personally affected by the disease and no doubt many of you have been as well. These stories will have universal resonance, no matter what NFL team you root for. 

The first post went live at over the weekend and can be found here:

(If you feel like sharing the love, here’s a link:

Note that WOW is a members-only community, but the Breast Cancer Survivor Series posts can be viewed by everybody without having to register or join if you use the links provided. If you do want to join WOW and find out more about this vibrant community of female fans of the team, WOW’s title sponsor Toyota is donating $2 to the American Cancer Society for every new member who registers during October.

Thanks for reading and sharing.



The Wild Horse!

Yasiel Puig Gifs the Best Gifs.


The Wild Horse!

Yasiel Puig Gifs the Best Gifs.

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Is your team out of the postseason but you love baseball and would still like to have a rooting interest?  Well look no further!


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Soriano and Jeter high five at home plate on Flickr.

Photo: My best shot from Yankees-Rays. Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter high-five at home plate after Soriano’s two-run home run.


Happy Canada Day, y’all! Celebrating with the Canada-est person I know: Robin Sparkles.

What she said.

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It’s a bear. Playing a trumpet. Sitting on a chair. And hula hooping. Aaaannnddd we’re done here.


Brandon Moss gets two pies to the face, then washes it down with Gatorade.

The rare self-pie celebration. Love it.

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